What, Why and How!

The idea behind this little shop is to offer my international readers an opportunity to buy or swap for Australian nail polish, or sometimes harder to find, discontinued shades in American or European brands! This is not to say that fellow Aussies are not welcome to join in!

All items listed are featured in my blog - so please refer to each relevant post for more detailed information and extra images!

All items listed are new - pre-loved or swatched items can be found up for swap at MakeupAlley.

Australian readers might also be interested in nail polish or cosmetics featured in my blog that are not available in our shops but are readily available internationally - therefore will not be listed on this site. These items are listed for sale here.

Each category if item will only have one post dedicated to it which I will update and edit frequently - so please don't assume that old posts are no longer relevant!

I will occasionally sell other things too, like make-up or hand-made items, so please stop by to see what goodies I have on offer!

Please email me at vmcmahon82@hotmail.com with your location for postage quotes.

Payment is to be made via Paypal for international buyers and direct deposit for Australian buyers.

Please don't hesitate to email me at vmcmahon82@hotmail.com with any questions at all!